Top Weekend Getaways Near Federal Hill – 1111 Light Street

Top Weekend Getaways Near Federal Hill

Photo by National Park Service

We love our home on Light Street and the buzz of Baltimore; however, we all need a change of scenery sometimes. Here are some weekend getaways to consider when you’re in a lull and it’s time for your well-deserved spring break. You don’t need a reason, sometimes it’s just nice to recharge.

Take the Weekend Off.
The Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa has something for everyone, and it’s only an hour drive away. If you’re looking for a weekend of pure relaxation, pampering from the salon and spa will leave you feeling refreshed. If you’re looking for more action this weekend, there are plenty of games, fishing, and boating activities to choose from. Whatever you choose to indulge in will leave you satisfied – especially the food. The resort only produces food that is “authentically Maryland”, so you can enjoy crab cakes with a waterfront view or fresh seafood on the boardwalk.

Be the Tourist.
If you live in Baltimore and haven’t scoured Washington, D.C. yet, what are you waiting for? When you’re busy, it’s nice let someone else guide you through a city. Even if your guide is a travel website and directions on your phone. Here are some of the most popular tourist destinations you must visit: Lincoln Memorial, National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian, Washington Monument, and the White House. All of these attractions are less than an hour by car from Light Street. There’s a lot to see, so a good place for fast food is HipCityVeg which is totally vegan and tasty. If you’re looking to take a break from walking, A Rake’s Progress is a beautiful restaurant where Former President Barack Obama feasted himself. It places on Washington D.C.’s list of hottest restaurants.

Get Outside.
Shenandoah National Park is about two hours away and is a beautiful area to work your muscles, get fresh air, and enjoy views. You can choose to escape the corporate world in the form of lodging or camping. It’s simply a personal preference on how you want to spend the nights. During the day, there are outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, bicycling, and fishing. You’ll be stunned by the waterfalls and overlooks you have to experience. If you’re concerned about food, check out Pinterest for some campfire friendly recipes. If you’d rather sit back and be waited on, Shenandoah has a few on-site restaurants as well.

Learn Something New.
Although Colonial Williamsburg is three hours away from Federal Hill, it is still an incredible spring break destination for the experience and knowledge you will take home with you. The 18th century will come to life when you step foot in this historic area. You’ll learn all about the birth of American ideals, our founding fathers, and visions of the free and enslaved living in Colonial Williamsburg. You can even stay in the historic area and dine in a vintage tavern. If you want to break up the history lessons, you can seek thrill and entertainment at Busch Gardens, a nearby amusement park.

We hope you can find time in your spring to take a break from the routine. There is so much to experience around Light Street and even more to experience around Maryland.