Everything Orioles – 1111 Light Street

Everything Orioles

Photo by Brand Thunder

Living at 1111 Light Street means living in Birdland – home of the Baltimore Orioles. Whether you’re a huge fanatic or just there for hot dogs, the long-awaited 2018 season is upon us. Opening Day at Camden Yards is March 29th.

Game Day Grub
What Bird fans love most about our location is its close proximity to the stadium. You don’t have to worry about parking, driving, or a long walk; Camden Yards is just 10 blocks from 1111 Light Street. On your way, stop in Slider’s Bar & Grille, a sports bar that is 771 feet from home plate itself. This is the best place to grab dinner and drinks before the game and surround yourself with fellow O’s fans.

If you don’t have tickets to a game, Slider’s makes a great location for a viewing party . When the weather is nice, the restaurant opens a large area outside with full table service, open bars, and more. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere that comes with baseball – especially when it’s Orioles-related.

When in Camden Yards, you’ll find foodie heaven. There are classic hot dogs, and then there are Esskay Gourmet hot dogs. Their specialty is the crab mac and cheese dog. There’s a wide variety of food offered in Birdland. Get your pizza from Pizza Boli’s, barbeque from Smithfield Corners, or tacos from Ole Mole!

Fan Rewards  
The Orioles reward you and other loyal fans with various promotions throughout the season. All fans will receive a magnetic schedule on Opening Day and a Retro Oriole Bird Bank on April 1st. As the season goes on, enjoy student nights, holiday specials, Friday night fireworks, and more. The people of Birdland are always providing fans with the ultimate experience.

High Hopes for the O’s
If you haven’t kept a close eye on the Orioles during the off season, here is a synopsis of what you missed:

2017 did not go too well for the Orioles; they stood in last place for the American League East. Luckily, the off-season brought some advancements for our beloved home team. The team has revamped the pitching staff, signing some promising newbies to overcome their pitching rotation shortcomings from last season. Further in the outfield, keep an eye out for Colby Rasmus – a minor league player that might just become the left-handed outfielder and batter they’ve been looking for. Hopefully these moves prove to be useful on March 29th and throughout the future of the Orioles.

Fans should remain positive, because there are a lot of changes that can work out in favor of the O’s. Rally behind our home team in 2018 and enjoy what Baltimore has to offer in all things Orioles. Win or lose, the experience that comes with a home game is priceless. Be sure to catch one this season!