Decompress with the Best on Federal Hill – 1111 Light Street

Decompress with the Best on Federal Hill

Photo by Health Banana

Every day we strive to make your home at 1111 Light Street a comfortable, relieving atmosphere and sanctuary for the hard-working residents on Federal Hill. We love the city, and we love the action, but we know how taxing the work week is, too. Just know you can find relief after work right in your neighborhood. Here are some tips for de-stressing after a tedious day.

Live Clean
It’s important to care for your body. Eat right, live well, and you’ll see a significant change in attitude and energy. Just a minute walk from our doorstep is the Federal Hill Natural Market. This is a nice alternative to the chain supermarket, and is better for your body and Earth. Everything the Natural Market offers, from supplements to cleaning products, is environmental-friendly. This is also the spot to get your fresh, natural, non-GMO groceries that are diet-friendly if you’re on a health kick. Feeding your body the best nutrients and protein will regulate your system and give you more energy to be your best self.

Eat Well
There are plenty of restaurants and cafés around Light Street, but some have more relaxing atmospheres than others. SoBo Café is a lovely option that adheres to many special diets and is only a 10 minute walk away. This place specializes in comfort foods, and that alone can turn a stressful day around. The café has a quiet atmosphere, perfect for relaxation, but also offers take-out if you would rather eat at home accompanied by your favorite Netflix series.

Break a Sweat
After a long day, exercise can be cringeworthy, but it’s fantastic for your stress levels. If you aren’t big on working out, give it a shot after a long day and see if it helps! Federal Hill Fitness is also a one minute walk once you leave your home. This gym tailors to each individual, becoming a boot camp for crossfit trainers and people wanting to shape-up, or a serene studio for chill yoga and barre classes. If you’re not sold on the idea of a class or gym membership, even getting in a short run or walk can aid in the art of clearing your head.

Treat Yourself
As you work to satisfy the needs of others all day, don’t forget to treat yourself. Your guilty pleasure is most likely right outside your home. Kim’s Day Spa has services that will leave you feeling glowy and restored for the next day. The surrounding streets of Federal Hill are shopping galore. There’s nothing wrong with getting a few new button-ups or blouses to feel refreshed at work. Eating (and living) clean is great, but once in a while, it’s okay to fully indulge in Insomnia Cookies or grab a drink at Mother’s Federal Hill Grille. Everything is good in moderation and breaking a sweat will help ease your guilt.

Create the balance you deserve in life. We’re here to help you thrive anyway we can!